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Natural Skin Care Products

Many skin care products are naturalAs more and more people go green nowadays, environmentally friendly beauty products are coming into the scene in a big way. Many cosmetic manufacturers revamp their products and processes to make them better and greener in order to capture the hearts of their eco-conscious customers. ‘Natural’, ‘organic’, and ‘pure’ are the new and trendy ‘in’ words, as potential buyers discriminate between responsible and ‘not-so-responsible’ beauty products available in the market. Continue Reading »

Herbal Remedies – Cough




There are many natural remedies for a coughHerbs have been used by all cultures as a form of medicine or healthcare throughout history. Currently, extensive research has attested to their non addictive, safe, therapeutic and many other health benefits. It is estimated that a significant amount (about 25%) of prescription drugs prepared and distributed in the US hold at least one active ingredient of botanic origin. Continue Reading »

Herbal Remedies – Insomnia

Insomnia can be remedied with herbsHerbal remedies, used correctly, along with necessary changes in lifestyle and diet, can be used as prevention and effective and safe treatment for a whole number of ailments. In prescribing herbal treatment for common ailments, it is not enough to treat the symptoms. These are the signs of the body attempting to heal itself or to rebalance. For the best results it is necessary to find out the cause. Continue Reading »

Herbal Remedies – Stress

Stress can be eased with herbsStress is a natural reaction of your body to the demands of daily life. When you cannot cope with these demands, you react with mental, physical and emotional symptoms. During the period of stress, your body uses up its nutrients quicker than usual. If these nutrients are not replaced, your nervous system becomes depleted, and thus your resistance is lower and you become rundown and experience other symptoms. Continue Reading »

Herbal Remedies – Cold

There are many remedies that help a coldOur respiratory system is delicate and vulnerable to infection, environmental pollution and internal toxin overload. Herbal remedies such as garlic, sage and thyme can be used regularly to prevent infection. As well as prevention, herbs can be used as natural remedies. Continue Reading »

Herbal Remedies – Illness

There are many herbal remedies to help cure illnessThere’s an increasing interest in herbs as people are looking to having a healthier lifestyle using a natural approach. Herbs affect the quality of your life in a variety of ways including herbal remedies for prevention and cure of numerous illnesses. Many herbal remedies have been scientifically approved. Continue Reading »